PLANT-Based Essentials

PLANT-Based Essentials

PLANT-Based Essentials is an all-natural, 100% vegan health and beauty company, specializing in custom essential oil blends.

Founded in 2017 by Jennifer B. Niles, PLANT-Based Essentials was created out of love, passion, and sheer necessity. Jennifer developed her admiration for the healing power of plants when she was nearly one hundred pounds overweight, turning to a vegetarian diet and yoga for help.

As the weight melted off, she began to look at fruits and vegetables in a very different way. No longer the dreaded side-dish, natural food became her passion. Years later, taking it a step further, she transitioned to a 100% plant-based vegan lifestyle.

The world of essential oils and natural remedies originally opened up to her, when at thirty-years-old, she was fed up with living with embarrassing facial moles that had formed during childhood. With no dermatologist in the small South Pacific country she resides in, she began to research safe, natural alternatives to mainstream mole removal surgery.

Within three weeks of her experimental treatment, her moles were completely gone.

With a fresh face, Jennifer was encouraged to take it a step further. Due to years of chemical and heat abuse, she had inches of dry, split ends, leading to the never-ending cycle of minimal growth. Ditching all store-bought hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, she eagerly joined the no-poo movement.

(Fun fact: Did you know that women throughout history washed their hair on a monthly basis, using only baking soda? And not a coincidence, throughout history women had effortlessly long, healthy, thick hair. It wasn’t until the seventies when detergent … oops, sorry, I mean shampoo … became mainstream, encouraging people to use it on a daily basis.)

After purchasing a huge box of baking soda and large bottle of vinegar, Jennifer began the scary but cathartic process of chopping off years of damage from hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, hair-spray, and gel. She once again turned to essential oils for help during the regrowth process.

Since developing her own essential oil-infused hair mask (Rapid Growth can be purchased here), her now healthy mane has been growing a steady two inches every month.

What started out as a natural approach to beauty, soon evolved into much, much more.  Through research and experiments, she learned that not only do essential oils offer incredible beautifying benefits; they also possess myriad medicinal properties.

After an experimental blend of essential oils cured Prancer (Jennifer’s once terminally ill cat) of skin cancer, she knew had to make more people aware of the potent healing powers of essential oils. Over the course of 1-2 months on essential oils, Prancer went from dying to thriving.

As Prancer's health radically improved and the skin cancer disappeared, Jennifer knew there was no turning back.

And this is the story of how PLANT-Based Essentials was born.