About Jennifer B. Niles

About Jennifer B. Niles

About Jennifer B. Niles

As an entrepreneur, Jennifer B. Niles wears many hats. In addition to being an inspirational author, freelance writer, yogi, and passionate vegan, she is also the owner of PLANT-Based Essentials: a 100% vegan health and beauty company.

Through a consistent yoga practice and plant-based diet, Jennifer lost over 100 pounds and has successfully kept it off for many years. In the process, she transformed not only her body, but her entire life.

Following the weight loss, Jennifer gave up her career in "Corporate America" to move to the tropical South Pacific island of her dreams, where she currently resides. She now spends her days channeling her energy and passion into writing, growing her business, PLANT-Based Essentials, and helping others reach their full potential through The Organic Transformation Program.

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